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7 Amazing Tips for a Contactless Move in Melbourne During COVID-19

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7 Amazing Tips for a Contactless Move in Melbourne During COVID-19

Moving to somewhere especially during this pandemic is risky and quite challenging. But without moving to New place results in depression too.

By the way, we are living in a technical world, so every plan works out in a perfect manner if we just sit, relax and think technically in this technical world.

If we want to move to a new home or to go for tours, to inspect properties, we don’t need to cancel our plans to keep our steps forward nor to get disheartened for the ways we are unable to chase away because we have fantastic tips for a contactless move that helps us to get moving even during this Covid-19.

Why should we get overwhelmed when we have these amazing tips! Let’s see one by one.

#1 Check the place or tour virtually

As we know, due to this pandemic situation governments of different nations are restricting, and not permitting the larger groups for any inspections. But the good news is, digital inspections are available that allow us to get a better look at places from the comfort of our homes. Even some agencies are allowing private inspections by enforcing strict social distancing, ensuring hand sanitizer is available, and implementing the no-touch policy.

#2 Check out for local amenities virtually

If we want to move to a new home, mostly we prefer to have a casual stroll around the neighborhood and right after, to scope out schools, local parks, coffee shops, restaurants, beaches, shopping malls…etc. we cannot miss out on that! For this, Open Google Maps using satellite mode. Then, take a virtual stroll. This is simple as it will automatically suggest amenity categories to choose from, without wasting our time.

#3 Have no or less contact with service providers

Be aware of the companies that have put in steps to facilitate a contactless move. There are some companies that offer services with no contact with service providers like cleaners, removalists, handymen, etc.

#4 Pack things on your own

In general, removalists do this work but during this situation, it’s better to do this work by ourselves.
In case if they have to engage, using a card to pay them is better than paying them with cash. Also, packing things in labeled boxes before letting them carry them is a good thing to follow.

#5 Pack meals for moving day

It’s important to energize bodies while moving as it is a very tedious process. But, it will be good to make easy snacks to move and preserve them in cooler bags to keep them fresh. This will help us to keep away from contact with different kinds of people from restaurants or caffeine. In fact, it saves our money too!

#6 List out the repairs

It is important to check for the repairs in furniture or any things that pack before moving out or after moving in. If we find any sort of such repairs, we have to list them out on paper or on phone. Otherwise, we will have the chance of forgetting about them, and then we have to struggle a lot. Some agencies also help us out in repairing things. All we have to do is to report to them what repairs we find. Then, they come to help out, sort things out and make every process easy even without having any kind of contact with us.

#7 Do not move while being ill or sick

Last but not the least, resting and relaxing instead of moving out is the best thing we can ever do while we’re feeling unwell. Because we are responsible for other’s health conditions too. If we are not feeling well we must stay at home and try to get good treatment and cure ourselves as fast as we can.

If not, it is not only our health that is going to be spoiled but also our family’s and service providers’ and everyone’s health around us.

7-Amazing-Tips-for-a-Contactless-Move-in-Melbourne-During-COVID-19Follow all these amazing tips for a contactless move that can help during this pandemic situation.

And, don’t turn back, never give up on plans. We can do anything no matter how hard the situation seems.

Always remember, as the saying goes

Where there is a will there’s a way!

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